Author Topic: VIPís Twitch Subscriber Vs. Donatior VIPís  (Read 872 times)

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VIPís Twitch Subscriber Vs. Donatior VIPís
« on: May 22, 2018, 03:30:03 PM »
So this is just a thought.

Iíve been looking through my User Database on DeepBot.
I see the VIP Status next to names.
I look into doing a Sub-Only Giveaway on stream.
How do I know which VIPís in my DeepBot User Database are Twitch Subscribers and which are just Donators?
I personally feel itís be cool for the VIP Specs to be upgraded with ďTwitch SubscribersĒ to simplify events like giveaways and such.
I also feel that the idea of having DeepBot be able to automatically update the User Database Of their VIP Level from Subscribers would be neat. Say as an example. @user@ Just Subscribed to @user@ for 1 Month with Twitch Prime! Next month that user subs to someone else instead of a second month to who they last were subbed to. Is that Twitch Prime sub still in the Botís Database as a Sub to the channel? Or will it Update on its own?

These are where I see a few things about the VIPís vs Subscribers
If you'd like some entertainment in a stream.
Don't be afraid stop by and drop a follow on the stream.
You can also Subscribe for more if that interests you